About Us

We are a fresh and creative company that provides Graphic Design services: cover arts for albums, mixtapes, singles, and many more. Our company was founded at the beginning of 2019, when the ABI designer began his thorny path to success, gradually creating and improving his design skills, he achieved a significant breakthrough in design art. In 2021, he assembled a team of professionals who are willing to work and bring your desires into the real design arts. 

Our Mission

the main goal of our Studio is to create exclusive and unique design art for each of our customers, along the way, creating a base of satisfied customers and increasing our portfolio for future collaborations and contracts. Each of our designs is created with thorough accuracy and precision in which we put a piece of our soul and love for art.


Honesty - First of all, we position ourselves as an independent Design Studio, that above all values honesty in people, trusting us you trust yourself. Therefore, you can be sure that your order will be fulfilled.

Professionalism - Our studio consists of professionals who can perform their tasks effectively. That is why our team builds an individual approach to each customer, considering all his preferences and suggestions.

Unity - This criterion we value immensely, because we are not an organization, but an independent Studio, a kind of community, that is willing to contact and open to all commercial and non-commercial offers.